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Our Values

You are now standing on the threshold of a very important decision: what should I look for in a financial advisor and what type of advice do I need?

For some, professional investment management of their assets is what they are seeking, but for others, they may need a more comprehensive financial roadmap. The roadmap is the financial plan that guides you to where you want to go.

The road may lead you to retirement or it may lead you to funding your children’s education, or maybe helping a friend or relative. These are important decisions that we can help you with. When choosing a financial advisor for investment management of your funds, you want to consider not only questions of cost and performance, but also those of quality and reputation. Investors responsible for substantial assets have long sought the counsel of financial professionals who have consistently demonstrated a prudent approach to the investing of their funds. Such long term success through up and down markets is all too rare in the investment world. We believe that to invest intelligently, one should have a long term focus, an excellent knowledge of the stock or bond chosen and the behaviors under varying conditions. In other words, fundamental research is the basis of each and every one of our investment decisions.

As fiduciaries we strive to provide full transparency to our clients and place their interests first, so our clients can meet their financial needs. We do this with prudence and integrity that is based on the principles of caring and delivering excellent service to all our clients. Our focus is to place the client's needs above all else.

We do not sell products where the highest risk is to the customer, or where the higher reward or commission is for our associates. Our total service is based on the “self-test” standard. Would I invest in this stock or bond or other security myself? Would I have purchased it for my mother, brother, or best friend? If it meets these tests, then I can comfortably and without hesitation invest the client’s funds in it.

Benefit Financial Services Group has no hidden agenda and we have worked diligently to minimize conflicts of interest. Our firm is fee based and we do not take commissions of any kind nor push any particular product.


We are dedicated to helping our investors create a roadmap to retirement or provide a financial plan in which they can choose the different options that life has to offer. Wealth gives options. What binds all of this together is our attitude towards people, values, and the trust and confidence that they have in us. The trust relationship between our firm and our clients is sacred.

We look to do something better and different. We are a dedicated group of professionals who deliver superior customer service and portfolio management. We look to help people with their investment needs that do not have the time or expertise to do it themselves. We are diligent and thoughtful in our investment analysis.